Saturday, 14 September 2013


Hey folks!

We're coming back!!!!!!!
Don't be afraid baby... I'm not a bad boy...... Really!!!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The best Colours???!?!??!?!!

HI Men
Which Color's line?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm writing today because I really need your help.

I want buy some colours to paint miniatures but I don't know which are the best (I used to GW colours but they are so expensive and not so good as they promise)

I found these sets of Vallejo....

1- Can you suggest me which can be the best solution for me?
2- in your opinion, Is the price good?
3- Any other solution??

Remember I live in Italy ;-D

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why this silence...?!?!?!?!

THIS IS "WHY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm fucking trying to conclude my last exams... and in the next months I'll graduate.

Tomorrow 2 exams... and after the only one... MATH!!!!

have a nice day guys

Monday, 20 May 2013

The first Dungeon.... more o less

HI guys!!!

Very few words...

First... I'm alive... just in case someone asked himself where I was gone..

BUT the Exam period is started so i have very few time to post something.

So some update:
1- i finished the walls.. only 10 to complete the pack
2- i need more pillar.... 20 more
3- ..........................


 3- Here the images you're waiting!!!!!


I know that the images are ugly... but last week i didn't find a day with the right light..
Please consider that now the situation is better.. I have more walls and more pillars.. 
For the end of May i hope to have all I need for a full-complete-finished MODULAR DUNGEON LAYOUT!!!

C'mon give me your suggestion to improve it

thanks so much for reading

Friday, 10 May 2013

If I have a heart.... VIKINGS!!! I love it!!!

I love Vikings!!!!

"What means.. What is Vikings????.. Are you kidding me???

C'mon..If you don't ever watch this tv must see it!
It's really well done and it's full of inspiration for every fantasy or historical wargamer and

The Protagonists.... Ragnar, Lagherta and Rollo

From Wikipedia

"Vikings is a Canadian-Irish historical drama television series, written and created by Michael Hirst for the television channel History It premiered on March 3, 2013 in the United States and Canada.

Filmed in Ireland, Vikings is inspired by the tales about the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, one of the best-known Norse heroes and notorious as the scourge of France and Britain. It portrays Ragnar as a Viking farmer who pioneers the first daring raids into Britain with the support of fellow warriors, his brother Rollo, and his wife, the shieldmaiden Lagertha.
On April 5, 2013, History renewed Vikings for a ten-episode second season."

Click me to continue to the Wikipedia Vikings page

Fishing in the Viking way

Fishing in the Viking way


I suggest you to watch this show because it seems be really full of adventures, realistic and more close to the history than others tv series.
I'm watching it in original language with transcription in italian.. because sometimes i like listen original voices and also because i'm training to pass a english exam (BEC).

In my opinion VIKINGS is better than Game of Thrones....

STOP!.. before you think I'm mad, continue to read and be patience.. I'm explaying the reasons under my verdict.

Sailors, warriors, lord.... so much in this show!!
Rollo, the envious brother or Ragnar (He's also the Barbarian Rpg type... "I'm beauty, strong, attack all... stupid, but i love my brother... and I hate him"   -.

Floki, friends, mad, ship builder and the soul of group

GoT it's beautifull and great but it's made with a lots of investments... Not really realistic but it's taken from a novels saga...okokokok... more or less you understand my thinkings .. GoT it's one of the greatest fantasy novel that I ever red in my short life and i still prefer the books instead of the tv serie.

Vikings its a show... what you see it's what happen.. no more no less.. Genuin!! More realistic... and with real "fantastic appeal" of the Dark Age..

so stop and go to watch this serie.


Sunday, 5 May 2013



Thanks so much for your support!!!

Today a fast preview with some images... due to last exams maybe I'll have some problems to find time to write and post some news... but i have prepared some materials for the next days.. MORE brilliant than this preview... so continue to check here and please comments.

Please post your comment.. they encourage me as blogger to continue with my project and with this online release. THANKS


Here near Milan the wheather is beautifull... light blue sky, fresh wind and brighty sun!!! what a lovely day!!!


Friday, 3 May 2013

Another Brick in the Wall

The Pillar system that I adopted to build a mudular walls system

hey friends

Great news here on MINIS INTO DARKNESS..

Thanks to the Italian Holiday due to the commemoration of the Liberation of Italy from the Fascism and Nazism, I worked on my Dungeon.

And that's my result:

Lateral view, a macro of the cardboard section which fill the groove in the pillars

As you can see, I finally show you part of the system that will permit me to build a new dungeon everytime i would.

These are coloumns which are going to stand up the walls.

The Coloumn

Here a close view of the groove on the wooden coloumn
Top view: see the 4 groves in the wood

And to conclude in great way..... TA-DAAAAA
A sample... a test... of my system


stay tune for more great news


Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Shopping time

A rapid post to show you my latest purchase. I'm really happy of them!! they work well... a little preview.... stay tuned in the next day because I will show you a great result of my job... I'm really happy!!!

But go on, talk about my shopping time, I bought:

A straight-line saw = steel saw = 4 Euros

(Please Someone can say me the right english name of this item?)

A roll of sandpaper = 5 metres of a sandpaper = 4,00 Euros

A lath of wood = 1 x 1 x 100 cm of light wood  = 0,50 Euros

In the next days some more great photos and some IN-TIME budget analysis!!!!


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Metal Ruler RULES!!!!

WALLS!!! More or less as the Hadrian's Wall..... :-D


Today I'll display the method I used to built my walls for the dungeon.
I used as a stand the box of my dvd player and I crossed it with a cd case. Thanks a little flexible metal ruler I drawn many parallel lines... 4 cm between each others, because in my first design the dungeon should have had walls tall 4 cm. Now i reduced them to 2cm for more playability and usability thanks some advices received on Song of Blades and Heroes Group by kindly users.

After signed the Foamcore I drawn the lines with the help of a long straight metal ruler and I cutted the stripes of foam with a hobby cutter

Metal Ruler and Hobby Cutter


Test! You can see a GW Elf for scale (before reducing wall)
and the embosser, the case of pencil lead

To engrave the foamcore I peeled it on one side and started to impress the case of pencil lead.
It was an hard work but i'm very satisfied of it. It seems real!!! :-D

Do you agree with me?????

After I painted them with drybrush tecnique...

3 Layers:

a - Black (big brush)
b - Black 60% + White 40% (big brush)
c - Black 30% + White 70% (big brush)
d - White with small brush

Here the last pieces of wall I did

..they'are growing fast!!!

Thank any comment it would be really appreciate

Have a nice Sunday!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Before He built the Foundations...To have a new place to fight!!


Yes guys and misses
I finished it

Yes, it's finished!!!

This is my base for my modular dungeon...It's complete now.
I have to paint it on corners with black paint and, after some tests, on the top with a scale of greys and browns to simulate a stone pavement.

Check my previous posts to know how i built it.

thanks for watching... in the next days I'll show you the walls!!!

Greetings from Italy!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Right Choices to the Glory

Hi Guys & Girls
Beautiful minis from Copplestone

Today i want tell you which are the best miniature at 15mm scale in my humble opinion.
Naturally these are also the minis that i would buy, and which i'm going to buy when I'll near to finish my dungeon and I'll save some money to buy them.

So First of all the best 15mm miniatures in fantasy range:

The Northern Characters from Mark Cobblestone

They are so greats and full of charme and they remember a on-screen tv series that i'm following: VIKINGS from History

I really love these miniatures and it's incredible the level of detailing the Mark has reached in these sculptures.
Other minis of the same line are the following, Wolfes (If you found some of them more beautiful, please advice me :-D ), Hard, rough, angry Dwarfs (they are very very dark... THIS ISN'T a JOKE LITTLE GREENY ORK!!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHH... Also the last image it's a great choice: the Snow's Trolls...I would like some Ogres or some Half-Giants with the same design line, but without them i'm happy to take these beautiful cold trolls.

A Dwarf must have a Clan, more Gold, someone to Hate, an Hammer and a Forge

U are food??? MMMMM...Yes, as all!

Secondly the new, but not so new Daemonworld Minis... The BLIGHTHAVEN SKIRMISH PACKAGES.... 5 £ of perfect mix 15mm & variety of poses. THAT'S ROCKING!!!!!!!

I really like these three packs:


The Barbarian, because they're really similar to the scottish vision in my mind (based on Braveheart and some fantasy saga as RIgante Series of Gemmell).

...Mumble...mumle... Mybe we need a lich!?!?!

The Skeletons because...because are skeletons. that's it!!!

I hit u...GROOOAAARRGG!!!! 

And the Orks, a grat value for 5 bucks, differents poses and the right angry faces!!!

A rapid counts give me the amount of my futures expenditures:

northern charachters: (10 figures)   6,75 £
Wolfs (15 figures)7,75£
trolls (3 Figures) 6,75£
Dwarfs (10 figures) 6,75
Plus Postage ----- A total cost of 31£ or 36 Euros

Barbarian pack (10 figures)
ork pack (10 figures)
skeleton pack (10 figures)
All 5£, plus postage-------- A total cost of 18,20£ or 22 Euros

60 Euros..... Not so cheap

Another Company that i like is MIRLTON... that have the moulds of  old Grenadier and it's also italian.

HERE the links
Copplestone - 15mm Fantasy

Ral Partha - Blighthaven Skirmish Packs - 15mm Fantasy

Mirlton - Armies and Packs - 15mm Fantasy

That's all for today!!

Thanks, any comment it would appreciate

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Better than a BIG MAC!!!!

FOUR LAYERS!!!!! Better than a BIG MAC

Here the last 2 tiles. And the first 2..... So 4 Tiles!!!!!

Grey cardboard + foamcore. Light and resistant!!!

Now I have four of them and finally i complete the first stage.

That it's a Press!!! YEAH!!!

that's my Press system to hard glue them each others.

It's a little artigianal...rough.. strange.. BUT hey don't forget the unique thing that count.. IT WORKS really well!!

Thanks to weights of some books...THE WEIGHT OF THE CULTURE... (A tipical adage of Italy... in this case i taken it literally)
Upper: the Atlas
Below: the Dino's Book

Here the secret of my success: a book on dinos and an big  geographical atlas. Thanks them it has been easy complete the tiles

Thanks for your attention


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A good day...for an Exam?

Hi friends
Today is a good day because i have many things to show you.

So i start giving you a 'menu à la carte' for this "modellism buffet" that will accompany us in the next days

1- Glue Exam: Result

2- Tiles Update

3- Hobby news and chitchats

Let's START!!

Yesterday evening i tried my new glue BOSTIK "SUPERCHIARO" an universal cement   suitable for any use.

It's color is light yellow, it doesn't smell and seems really easy lay it out on your materials to paste.

the gluing process through this cement creates some filaments between your materials and the tube, it's a little annoying but not so problematic as you can think.

As you can see in the photo i put a piece of rubber on foamboard without peeling it.
THIS seems be the problem!!! that peel...that little...thin peel.. it's really slippery and i think it is a great challenge for every glue.
But  let's continue.

The glue works. This is the fact! it use more time to glue on the suface of foamcore but it works.
last night i was worried about my purchase, but after a night & a day i checked it before dinner and as you can see it is hardly glued on the tile.

So it's ok for me! it  has passed  the Exam!!!

I need only more patience. And time. But I have plenty of them!!!!

In the next days I'll illustrate some concepts of the entire project.


Stay Tuned!!!!


The Glue

Too choices

HI Men

I have bought a new glue  to fix the rubber onto foamcore... tomorrow i'll test it

at the moment i only post you name&info

Label: Bostik
Name: Bostik 'Superchiaro'

(the product on your left)

MY CHOICE.... I hope it will works well with rubber

check tomorrow for the "GLUE EXAM"


Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Project

This is my sandwhich for my dungeon's pavement

Hi friends

I hope it's a beautiful Sunday as it's for me near Milan.

I want share with you my project. I started some months ago to work on a modular tabletop in a dungeon style.
But as you know, if one have also a life, it's not so easy continue to work on his ideas. So i decided to proceed slowly and to use this thing as relaxing hobby to practice in my free time (also writing this blog follows the same "guide line").

I decided to use a new system... (mmmm it's new only for me).. Song of Blades and Heroes (but i'm going to talk of it in a successive post) and to play using the 15mm scale, but this isn't a  news as someone of my teammates on Yahoo Song of Blades and Heroes Group knows.

After some difficult design phases i found my way on this project.
I'm making a 60x60 cm square table. it' is divided on 4 small square, to create some random set.
The rubber surface

Each 30x30 cm square is composed of three layers:
1- Grey hard cardboard - 3/4 mm
2- foamboard - 5 mm
3- Black 'Rubber roll' layer with a brick texture - 1mm (5,80 Euros for a piece 1m x 0.50 at Leroy Merlin)

Three Layers

this is the base

What do you suggest me to use to glue rubber on the foamboard? I tried with an italian PVA glue but it doesn't work...please help me!!!


for now it's all