Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A good day...for an Exam?

Hi friends
Today is a good day because i have many things to show you.

So i start giving you a 'menu à la carte' for this "modellism buffet" that will accompany us in the next days

1- Glue Exam: Result

2- Tiles Update

3- Hobby news and chitchats

Let's START!!

Yesterday evening i tried my new glue BOSTIK "SUPERCHIARO" an universal cement   suitable for any use.

It's color is light yellow, it doesn't smell and seems really easy lay it out on your materials to paste.

the gluing process through this cement creates some filaments between your materials and the tube, it's a little annoying but not so problematic as you can think.

As you can see in the photo i put a piece of rubber on foamboard without peeling it.
THIS seems be the problem!!! that peel...that little...thin peel.. it's really slippery and i think it is a great challenge for every glue.
But  let's continue.

The glue works. This is the fact! it use more time to glue on the suface of foamcore but it works.
last night i was worried about my purchase, but after a night & a day i checked it before dinner and as you can see it is hardly glued on the tile.

So it's ok for me! it  has passed  the Exam!!!

I need only more patience. And time. But I have plenty of them!!!!

In the next days I'll illustrate some concepts of the entire project.


Stay Tuned!!!!


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