Thursday, 18 April 2013

Better than a BIG MAC!!!!

FOUR LAYERS!!!!! Better than a BIG MAC

Here the last 2 tiles. And the first 2..... So 4 Tiles!!!!!

Grey cardboard + foamcore. Light and resistant!!!

Now I have four of them and finally i complete the first stage.

That it's a Press!!! YEAH!!!

that's my Press system to hard glue them each others.

It's a little artigianal...rough.. strange.. BUT hey don't forget the unique thing that count.. IT WORKS really well!!

Thanks to weights of some books...THE WEIGHT OF THE CULTURE... (A tipical adage of Italy... in this case i taken it literally)
Upper: the Atlas
Below: the Dino's Book

Here the secret of my success: a book on dinos and an big  geographical atlas. Thanks them it has been easy complete the tiles

Thanks for your attention



  1. Hello;

    I signed up to follow your blog after seeing it advertised on the SOBH group. I like the way you used the rubber mats for the base terrain. Awesome looking already.

  2. Thanks so much

    It's important have a form of support when you intraprend this type of project