Saturday, 27 April 2013

Metal Ruler RULES!!!!

WALLS!!! More or less as the Hadrian's Wall..... :-D


Today I'll display the method I used to built my walls for the dungeon.
I used as a stand the box of my dvd player and I crossed it with a cd case. Thanks a little flexible metal ruler I drawn many parallel lines... 4 cm between each others, because in my first design the dungeon should have had walls tall 4 cm. Now i reduced them to 2cm for more playability and usability thanks some advices received on Song of Blades and Heroes Group by kindly users.

After signed the Foamcore I drawn the lines with the help of a long straight metal ruler and I cutted the stripes of foam with a hobby cutter

Metal Ruler and Hobby Cutter


Test! You can see a GW Elf for scale (before reducing wall)
and the embosser, the case of pencil lead

To engrave the foamcore I peeled it on one side and started to impress the case of pencil lead.
It was an hard work but i'm very satisfied of it. It seems real!!! :-D

Do you agree with me?????

After I painted them with drybrush tecnique...

3 Layers:

a - Black (big brush)
b - Black 60% + White 40% (big brush)
c - Black 30% + White 70% (big brush)
d - White with small brush

Here the last pieces of wall I did

..they'are growing fast!!!

Thank any comment it would be really appreciate

Have a nice Sunday!!


  1. The wall looks great! Thanks for sharing your technique. It will be very helpful if I ever do a project like this.

  2. Thanks Man!!

    please fell free to comment everytime you desire, I really appreciate discuss with other modeler and blogger.

    If you have some advice to improve the walls, i'm here :-D!!!

  3. Nice! very effective scenery!

    1. Thanks B.

      if you want suggest me new way to improve I'm very happy

      I saw your blog, Impressive!!! Greatest Layout!!!! TOP