Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Project

This is my sandwhich for my dungeon's pavement

Hi friends

I hope it's a beautiful Sunday as it's for me near Milan.

I want share with you my project. I started some months ago to work on a modular tabletop in a dungeon style.
But as you know, if one have also a life, it's not so easy continue to work on his ideas. So i decided to proceed slowly and to use this thing as relaxing hobby to practice in my free time (also writing this blog follows the same "guide line").

I decided to use a new system... (mmmm it's new only for me).. Song of Blades and Heroes (but i'm going to talk of it in a successive post) and to play using the 15mm scale, but this isn't a  news as someone of my teammates on Yahoo Song of Blades and Heroes Group knows.

After some difficult design phases i found my way on this project.
I'm making a 60x60 cm square table. it' is divided on 4 small square, to create some random set.
The rubber surface

Each 30x30 cm square is composed of three layers:
1- Grey hard cardboard - 3/4 mm
2- foamboard - 5 mm
3- Black 'Rubber roll' layer with a brick texture - 1mm (5,80 Euros for a piece 1m x 0.50 at Leroy Merlin)

Three Layers

this is the base

What do you suggest me to use to glue rubber on the foamboard? I tried with an italian PVA glue but it doesn't work...please help me!!!


for now it's all



  1. For gluing the rubber, you might try to find WELD-BOND. It will glue anything to anything. Other than this you might also look for gorilla glue, it's messy, and expands, but will glue anything together, you will just need to weigh it down. These are from the US, I'm not sure what you can get in Italy.

    1. Thanks Jim... You're the first!!!!!!

      I really appreciate this comment. I'll go around malls to find something similar to your suggestion.

      Check The blog for new update