Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Right Choices to the Glory

Hi Guys & Girls
Beautiful minis from Copplestone

Today i want tell you which are the best miniature at 15mm scale in my humble opinion.
Naturally these are also the minis that i would buy, and which i'm going to buy when I'll near to finish my dungeon and I'll save some money to buy them.

So First of all the best 15mm miniatures in fantasy range:

The Northern Characters from Mark Cobblestone

They are so greats and full of charme and they remember a on-screen tv series that i'm following: VIKINGS from History

I really love these miniatures and it's incredible the level of detailing the Mark has reached in these sculptures.
Other minis of the same line are the following, Wolfes (If you found some of them more beautiful, please advice me :-D ), Hard, rough, angry Dwarfs (they are very very dark... THIS ISN'T a JOKE LITTLE GREENY ORK!!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHH... Also the last image it's a great choice: the Snow's Trolls...I would like some Ogres or some Half-Giants with the same design line, but without them i'm happy to take these beautiful cold trolls.

A Dwarf must have a Clan, more Gold, someone to Hate, an Hammer and a Forge

U are food??? MMMMM...Yes, as all!

Secondly the new, but not so new Daemonworld Minis... The BLIGHTHAVEN SKIRMISH PACKAGES.... 5 £ of perfect mix 15mm & variety of poses. THAT'S ROCKING!!!!!!!

I really like these three packs:


The Barbarian, because they're really similar to the scottish vision in my mind (based on Braveheart and some fantasy saga as RIgante Series of Gemmell).

...Mumble...mumle... Mybe we need a lich!?!?!

The Skeletons because...because are skeletons. that's it!!!

I hit u...GROOOAAARRGG!!!! 

And the Orks, a grat value for 5 bucks, differents poses and the right angry faces!!!

A rapid counts give me the amount of my futures expenditures:

northern charachters: (10 figures)   6,75 £
Wolfs (15 figures)7,75£
trolls (3 Figures) 6,75£
Dwarfs (10 figures) 6,75
Plus Postage ----- A total cost of 31£ or 36 Euros

Barbarian pack (10 figures)
ork pack (10 figures)
skeleton pack (10 figures)
All 5£, plus postage-------- A total cost of 18,20£ or 22 Euros

60 Euros..... Not so cheap

Another Company that i like is MIRLTON... that have the moulds of  old Grenadier and it's also italian.

HERE the links
Copplestone - 15mm Fantasy

Ral Partha - Blighthaven Skirmish Packs - 15mm Fantasy

Mirlton - Armies and Packs - 15mm Fantasy

That's all for today!!

Thanks, any comment it would appreciate


  1. Have you looked at Splintered light miniatures? They have a good range of nice minis, you can also find useful minis in many of the historical ranges out there, check my blog under the label 15mm fantasy for some ideas. The link below has some of the Cobblestone castings figures I painted.

  2. Thanks Dan i'm really happy to read your suggestion.

    Thanks so much, i know it and i like but i red somewhere that Splintered Light Miniatures are no trust 15mm but more 18mm.

    Can you say me more on them?

    And would say here that your works on northern character by Coppleston are one of pillars that push me to intraprend this adventure. Everytimes that i see them know which goal i want achieve.

    thanks so much

  3. Not sure about their humans, I have one of their giants, and some of their fauns, scale isn't so important for non human races, I can say their fauns are brilliant, and the other stuff looks good on their site.

  4. thanks a lot! any news about your project?