Friday, 3 May 2013

Another Brick in the Wall

The Pillar system that I adopted to build a mudular walls system

hey friends

Great news here on MINIS INTO DARKNESS..

Thanks to the Italian Holiday due to the commemoration of the Liberation of Italy from the Fascism and Nazism, I worked on my Dungeon.

And that's my result:

Lateral view, a macro of the cardboard section which fill the groove in the pillars

As you can see, I finally show you part of the system that will permit me to build a new dungeon everytime i would.

These are coloumns which are going to stand up the walls.

The Coloumn

Here a close view of the groove on the wooden coloumn
Top view: see the 4 groves in the wood

And to conclude in great way..... TA-DAAAAA
A sample... a test... of my system


stay tune for more great news



  1. what do you use for the wall? Also how do you score the brick pattern, it came out very well.

    1. Hi MIKE thanks for yoour comment

      If you see my previous post, you can see better the material that I use. It's Foamboard or Foamcore or only Foam.

      To engrave I used a pencil lead case... or for the last walls i used a ruler and a pencil... and before cut i passed all line with a pen to enlagrge the score between the bricks.

      if you want more info ask me