Friday, 10 May 2013

If I have a heart.... VIKINGS!!! I love it!!!

I love Vikings!!!!

"What means.. What is Vikings????.. Are you kidding me???

C'mon..If you don't ever watch this tv must see it!
It's really well done and it's full of inspiration for every fantasy or historical wargamer and

The Protagonists.... Ragnar, Lagherta and Rollo

From Wikipedia

"Vikings is a Canadian-Irish historical drama television series, written and created by Michael Hirst for the television channel History It premiered on March 3, 2013 in the United States and Canada.

Filmed in Ireland, Vikings is inspired by the tales about the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, one of the best-known Norse heroes and notorious as the scourge of France and Britain. It portrays Ragnar as a Viking farmer who pioneers the first daring raids into Britain with the support of fellow warriors, his brother Rollo, and his wife, the shieldmaiden Lagertha.
On April 5, 2013, History renewed Vikings for a ten-episode second season."

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Fishing in the Viking way

Fishing in the Viking way


I suggest you to watch this show because it seems be really full of adventures, realistic and more close to the history than others tv series.
I'm watching it in original language with transcription in italian.. because sometimes i like listen original voices and also because i'm training to pass a english exam (BEC).

In my opinion VIKINGS is better than Game of Thrones....

STOP!.. before you think I'm mad, continue to read and be patience.. I'm explaying the reasons under my verdict.

Sailors, warriors, lord.... so much in this show!!
Rollo, the envious brother or Ragnar (He's also the Barbarian Rpg type... "I'm beauty, strong, attack all... stupid, but i love my brother... and I hate him"   -.

Floki, friends, mad, ship builder and the soul of group

GoT it's beautifull and great but it's made with a lots of investments... Not really realistic but it's taken from a novels saga...okokokok... more or less you understand my thinkings .. GoT it's one of the greatest fantasy novel that I ever red in my short life and i still prefer the books instead of the tv serie.

Vikings its a show... what you see it's what happen.. no more no less.. Genuin!! More realistic... and with real "fantastic appeal" of the Dark Age..

so stop and go to watch this serie.


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