Saturday, 6 July 2013

The best Colours???!?!??!?!!

HI Men
Which Color's line?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm writing today because I really need your help.

I want buy some colours to paint miniatures but I don't know which are the best (I used to GW colours but they are so expensive and not so good as they promise)

I found these sets of Vallejo....

1- Can you suggest me which can be the best solution for me?
2- in your opinion, Is the price good?
3- Any other solution??

Remember I live in Italy ;-D


  1. you could also look for this one on ebay:

    UK shipping is still very cheap compared to most other, if not all countries, so you might want to see what those sets will cost you to ship within Italy. With shipping this ebay will be about 50€ and you can pick your own colors (maybe some in the sets you mention you don't want or need)...

  2. Thanks man!!!

    Could you suggest a good mix for a fantasy set?? to avoid me some bad affairs... :-D

  3. All of the Vallejo paints are very good. If you're used to the old GW colours, then the Vallejo Game Colour range is their version of this - it makes a good place to start. Vallejo Model Colours are aimed more at military modellers who want to get exactly the right colour out of the bottle. They are equally as good (if not a little better sometimes, IMO) but picking from the massive range can be intimidating.

    The only time I use GW ahead of Vallejo is for metallics - I find the metallic pigments in the GW paints to be much finer and less lumpy.

  4. Vallejo is a good choice. Always shake the bottles before usage. You could use small metall balls to help shaking (use nothing with lead in it).

    You can use also Duncan OS Opaque Stains, they are very matte and highly pigmented, so you need always water to use them on miniatures.
    This fairy was painted with them:
    Here is the page with the colors she used: