Monday, 27 January 2014

Interesting materials

Hi Friends

Today a short post to ask you a help to find the perfect material to build wall....i'm not satisfied of my previous wall.... I'm thinking to rebuild the dungeon in different way.

3 dasy ago I see this job, from the BLOG OF HETAROI (a superb wargamer and painter/builder),and after a interesting talk with him.. I search in the WEB for a new source for walls.

This is what i found.
What'are yours suggestions?? which is the best? any other option, please answer in the box herewith under, please comment this post



Monday, 13 January 2014

Not the Amazon rainforest but is not bad!!!!

Hey Guys

I know you're here.. but I understand you're angry with me...and you wouldn't play ith me

I know it.. you're right.. Is not kind post a little and after disappear..


A WOODS.... or better a componible forest in three fantastic pieces... with removable trees

I'm really happy and satisfied of them because I did them during the holidays to avoid stay always in front of the pc writing my final paper for university (to now 140 pages.... estimated 200.... so bored now)

So, let's start!!! This the big base (the other 2 are similar, just a little smaller)

Based on lightgrey hard cardboard of 3mm shaped to permit to have different combination or use them separately on table

recovered with a granulated white paste (similar for the basecoat for walls, just more fine) and pieces of cork (from the stopper of sparkling wine)
--- before recover with white paste.. i decide where put my trees (from NOCH -trees )

.. and cover the space with 3/4 plastic caps from bottle's water, to avoid cover the space for the basement of removable trees and create a sort step to hide the parts.

painted the base in mud brown
a coat of PVA glue

recovered with NOCH grass (two different type, FIRSTSECOND) putted in a fine strainer and spread on the base using little tap on the border of the strainer.

The base of trees are similar but cutted from a finest cardboard

I try to find the best option to magnetize them and the base to assure more stability (piece of metal glued down the tree basement)
with a magnete inside the greyboard base or glued on it



thanks for reading

Sunday, 12 January 2014

In the Mud...Or not?

Hi, Big news in the city!

Today double post!!!!

before after the previous post, i though.. "why not post something? There isn't need to write much... just a couple of photo.."


that's it!!

and there are other 2 of if ... similar but different shapes..

What are them??? Try to find the right answer.... write in the comments your ideas ..LET'S PLAY!!



......It was only a Joke!!

Ehi!! Man!!! C'mon!!

I'm sorry... really I didn't like this.. but it wasn't a joke!!

Let's me explain.. last post I wrote I announced the return on the blog, but due to the new job and the last works for the university didn't permitt to write.

I hope to do it very soon.

Thanks friends